Art Hill specializes in providing various types of professional excavation services. We have an experienced team who makes sure that the specifications and goals of your projects are met within the allotted time frame while keeping in mind environmental guidelines. We take pride in offering exceptional building pad/footer, house basement and footer, concrete removal, and other excavation services.


Art Hill offers quality and reliable paving services when it comes to giving driveways a nice facelift or working on asphalt pavements requiring large-scale repair work. We are always ready to cater to your needs related to roadways, parking lot, subdivision, overlay, patching, and resurfacing..


Our demolition service is disciplined for being cost effective while maintaining the highest level of competence with and timely approach. We have the skill and experience necessary to creatively tackle any unexpected issues that may arise and that are often associated with demolition projects. Our demolition teams perform many jobs per year including everything from small residential tasks to large commercial ones..


Art Hill is happy to provide landscaping services from ponds to mulch sales and deliveries to snow removal. We have the equipment necessary to provide any land clearing, safety, and lawn aesthetics necessary for your commercial or residential property.